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April 17, 2019  |  by Jake Kostelyk

Insurance - providing peace of mind during your Renovation or New Home Build

When planning your upcoming home renovation or new build project, there are so many decisions to make and plans to put in place that it would be easy for one  of the most important aspects to be overlooked: INSURANCE. As boring as the subject may be to some, having the right insurance coverage in place will ensure you can sleep well, with peace of mind throughout the duration of your project. 

We’ll try to simplify things to make the different types of insurance policies a bit more clear.


As your contractor, we provide two main types of protection/coverage. The first one, and the big one, is our “Commercial General Liability” Insurance. This is a policy that any licenced and reputable contractor will have. It covers the contractors liability arising from completing your project. It protects the contractor from many things including injury, mishaps,  etc. 

Additionally, your contractor will also provide “Worksafe BC” coverage. Worksafe BC covers the safety of all construction related workers on site, both contractor and subtrades, and is legally required. 

So, with the jobsite AND workers covered, you’re totally protected, right? Sorry, not quite. 


You, as the homeowner, still have liabilities arising from your project. You’ll need to ensure you have 2 types of coverage to protect yourselves and your home during your project. The first is Homeowner Insurance. If you own a home, you almost definitely have this in place already. It covers mainly your liability, the existing structure (any area that’s not new or being renovated), etc.  So with this in place, you MUST be fully covered, right? 

Almost there, but not quite there yet. 

The VAST majority of standard home insurance policies do not cover the renovation/build project itself, and a contractors Commercial Liability Coverage only covers the contractors risk. This gap needs to be covered to give you complete protection from risks arising from your renovation or build.  To cover this, you’ll need a Course of Construction insurance policy. This policy is a property insurance policy for the specific risks of building and renovating. For example, if in the middle of a renovation, your home is vandalized one night, materials stolen, and completed work ruined, this Course of Construction insurance policy provides the coverage to rectify this. This is one example of many of a need for a “construction specific property insurance” policy to protect you. 

So, in summary, there are 4 “layers” to provide protection when renovating or building a home. The Contractor is responsible to provide a Commercial General Liability policy as well as Worksafe BC coverage. You, as the homeowner, should have a valid Home Insurance policy, as well as a Course of Construction policy. 

As you move towards figuring out the details of your upcoming project, remember to ensure your contactor has Commercial and Workers Coverage, and ensure you speak with your insurance provider about your upcoming project, provide them the dates, details and scope of work, and ensure you’re properly insured. With this taken care of ahead of time, you will have one less thing to think about during your project! 


Here at Kenorah, we will guide you through the entire renovating process, from the first steps of the design journey to the little (but very important details) like ensuring you have proper insurance process during the construction phase, resulting in an enjoyable construction project with peace of mind through the process!

January 28, 2015  |  by Jake Kostelyk

True To Form

Here at Kenorah, we have the slogan  "TRUE TO FORM" that drives what we do. 

For us, this means "exactly as expected", or "just as planned".

In the residential construction industry, this is almost unheard of. It seems as though nothing goes as expected when renovating. Homeowners are (rightfully) scared of budget and schedule overruns. Surprises are a regular occurence, and the strain of renovating or buildling a new home is enough to deter many people from ever considering it.


We have a passion for fighting this stereotype, and providing complete accountability, open transparency, and a guided, enjoyable renovating or building journey.

There are three key ways we achieve this: 



We ensure everyone is informed, and on the same page, by offering the design and construction services as an integrated, in-house service.  We know that proper communication between design and construction teams will ensure that everyone is aligned. By offering both disciplines, we are solely accountable to provide a comprehensive design that fits the goals (and budget) of our clients.



Before any project ever starts construction, we have fully designed each aspect of it. From confirming lighting layouts, to selecting baseboard profiles, and from providing a fully detailed window schedule to designing the landscaping, nothing is left to chance.  With all decisions made ahead of time, we know exactly what your project will look like, and therefore exactly what it will cost. No Budget overruns. Period.



We understand that being displaced from your home (or living through your renovation) is not fun or easy. To ensure you know what to expect, we develop a thorough, comprehensive construction schedule that we fully commit to. 


We recognize that by renovating or building a home, you're trusting us with what is likely your most valuable financial asset, and the hub of your day to day life. We respect and appreciate this, and strive to provide you with a tried, tested, guided journey that delivers your amazing home, and a guided journey. True to form. 




May 20, 2014  |  by Kenorah

Outdoor Living Spaces


The sounds of summer are starting to be heard. Flip flops flapping down the sidewalks, motorcycles roaring around town, and sneezing fits due to this wonderful allergy season. While some people flock to the local restaurant patio to enjoy this wonderful weather, more and more homeowners are discovering that some of the best times are spent at home, on patios of their own. One of the most popular features in new or renovated homes that we work on is the "Outdoor Living Space".  In the Wet Coast of Canada, we experience our fair share of rain, but are fortunately spared the cold and snow that is saved for our friends East of us. As long as there is a roof over our heads, we can stay outside almost all year long!  Talking to some of our clients who have had these Outdoor Living Spaces built, they spend most evenings between April and November out on the patio, enjoying the summer heat, or even the sound of the rain, from their heated, covered patio.


What are some features to consider when designing your Outdoor Space?


1. Audio (and even video)

Todays audio systems can be powered from a small amplifier, hidden in a closet somewhere in the house, using your Wifi network and phone to control the entertainment. 


2. Fireplaces and Heaters

The easiest way to extend patio season to 6 months, or more, is to provide a source of heat. From electric to gas, or even fireplaces, any heat source will be a very valuable addition.


3. Outdoor Kitchen

Now that you're spending all this time outside, you might as well cook your food outside too! From built-in barbeques to cooktops, ovens, stoves and fridges, there are seemingly endless options to configure your outdoor kitchen with! 



4. Seating 

When planning out your outdoor space, spend time thinking about how many people are usually outside with you, how best to configure the space, and how the seating should be arranged. We've seen everything from wooden built-in benches to custom wicker patio furniture. Each space is unique, so be sure to spend time how you expect this space to function.


Thinking of having your dream Outdoor Space Built? There have never been more options available for you!