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  1. Explore 2 weeks

    The journey begins with our team listening to your aspirations for the project.

    Kenorah’s Owner and Project Director reviewed several design and budget scenarios with Jeff and Kathy to establish the best balance of size, style and budget. The desire for an extremely modern, angular look led to the inclusion of an architect, with whom Kenorah brought into the project.

  2. Design 5 months including planning and permits

    Our collaborative design approach balances creativity and clarity for a well-defined scope of work, budget and schedule.

    The design team, developed floor plans and supporting 3D renderings. Jeff and Kathy’s son, who lives out of the country, was a key contributor to the design effort and reviewed emerging drawings, scope and specifications via the online project management platform. All planned furnishings were dimensioned and added to drawings to ensure that the space would work perfectly. The plans were submitted for permit at the earliest opportunity. With the permit application made, the Team rolled up their sleeves to tackle selection of the interior and exterior finishes.


    “Our experience with Kenorah in building our new home exceeded all of our expectations. ”It was remarkable experience. We were especially impressed with how the Team communicated with us throughout the project, as well as the terrific work ethic and upbeat and friendly attitude and approach.
    - Jeff and Kathy
  3. Plan

    Disciplined planning secures all required approvals and permits, lines up the resources and establishes the Fixed Price, Fixed Schedule.

    Like all Kenorah projects, trades were briefed by the assigned Construction Lead as design unfolded. Firm trade and supplier quotes were in hand by the midpoint of design, and were confirmed and tested against the target budget to ensure all costs stayed on track. The detailed schedule was developed, which confirmed the start and completion dates.

  4. Construct 10 months

    With an experienced project manager at the helm, and with a focus on quality and efficiency, our Kenorah team and trade partners execute the plan.

    Construction unfolded exactly as the contract specified; on time and on budget. Jeff, Kathy and their son, from a distance, all tracked project progress through the weekly reports and photography posted to the web based project management system. They had rented a home across the street for the period of construction, so they also visited the site with regularity. The fresh coffee and donuts were much appreciated by the Kenorah construction team!

  5. Complete

    All our renovations come with a full 2-year warranty. Custom homes with a 2/5/10 warranty.

    Jeff and Kathy moved into their new home on the agreed upon date. After some instructions on the mechanical, security and audio systems, they quickly settled in. They’re now enjoying living in their beautiful, modern home.