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  1. Explore 2 weeks

    The journey begins with our team listening to your aspirations for the project.

    Kenorah’s Project Manager and Design Lead explored many options with Lori and Tracy on how best to achieve their home renovation goals. While a major addition was first considered, the existing home had already met the maximum floor space ratio, so the design focus shifted towards re-orienting the existing floorplan to achieve what they wanted.

  2. Design 4 months including planning and permits

    Our collaborative design approach balances creativity and clarity for a well-defined scope of work, budget and schedule.

    Lori and Tracy were looking to completely redo the interior of their home in order to achieve the more bright, contemporary style that they love.

    The Kenorah Design team provided picture quality 3D renderings, sketches, layouts and floorplans to ensure every detail of the renovation plan was very clearly understood and designed to Lori and Tracy's preferences. While most meetings took place in the home, Kenorah’s unique online project management system was a perfect place to share documents, message designers, comment on renderings, and provide one streamlined place for all communication to happen.

    “Kenorah promised us a date of completion, and true to their word the house was ready on that date. ”I would not hesitate to recommend Kenorah to anyone. They are professional, courteous, care about the customer, and the quality of their work is excellent. I hope to work with Kenorah in the near future.
    - Lori + Tracy
  3. Plan

    Disciplined planning secures all required approvals and permits, lines up the resources and establishes the Fixed Price, Fixed Schedule.

    During the planning phase, every single decision was made, quoted, and documented. The Construction Lead was involved in inspecting the home ahead of time to identify and risks, structural concerns and potential issues that could arise during construction.

    Before construction commenced, every design decision was reviewed in detail with Lori and Tracy before. The construction agreement was fixed-cost, ensuring no surprise costs, and the Kenorah team also ensured a guaranteed completion date.

  4. Construct 5 months

    With an experienced project manager at the helm, and with a focus on quality and efficiency, our Kenorah team and trade partners execute the plan.

    The construction schedule was sent out to all suppliers, and trades involved in the project. All materials and finishes were ordered before construction started, and stored in the Kenorah warehouse, to ensure that there would not be shipping delays. The Construction Lead worked to ensure that the clients were always up to date by updating the Online Portal with consistent updates, pictures from the jobsite, and answered any questions that arose.

    Construction took 4 months, and was completed on time, exactly as promised, and for the agreed price.

  5. Complete 1 week

    All our renovations come with a full 2-year warranty. Custom homes with a 2/5/10 warranty.

    Lori and Tracy moved back into their home on the agreed upon completion date. It had been professionally cleaned, and was ready for their arrival. 

    Any minor deficiencies were addressed in a timely manner after moving in, and their Construction Lead took the time to provide them with a detailed review of all of the “moving parts” of their home, and how they functioned. Their warranty program was reviewed, and any questions answered.