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  1. Explore 3 weeks

    The journey begins with our team listening to your aspirations for the project.

    The Kenorah team met with Mike and Heidi to learn about their hopes and goals for their home renovation. Their home is a 1970's "BC Box", and needed to be fully renovated and updated, with more space added to enable the family to live comfortably in it. We reviewed multiple potential scenarios and spent time researching bylaw restrictions to ensure that the proposed design was feasible. 

  2. Design 5 months including planning and permits

    Our collaborative design approach balances creativity and clarity for a well-defined scope of work, budget and schedule.

    The design phase started by working together to determine the optimal layout for their home. While an addition out the front of the house was originally proposed, municipal bylaws determined that the best option was an addition off the rear the home, tying into a beautiful new covered patio. As the changes were quite significant, 3D renderings were used to help visualize what the home would look like once the renovation was completed. 


    The Kenorah team brought in our team of trades to determine how best to replace and update the mechanical systems, and ensure the home would function as a high performance home once the renovation was done. 


    Once Architectural Design was completed, and we had submitted for permit, our interior designer worked with Mike and Heidi to completely design every aspect of the renovation interior, from wall colours to cabinet design and from lighting layout to flooring materials.


  3. Plan

    Disciplined planning secures all required approvals and permits, lines up the resources and establishes the Fixed Price, Fixed Schedule.

    During the entire design phase, each product was quoted, and decision documented. Kenorah's Project Manager brought our trades and suppliers through the home to ensure they were familiar with the project, and able to provide accurate and thorough quotes, and provide valuable feedback before construction commenced. 


    The team assisted Mike and Heidi in relocating their belongings to a rented steel container, and by the time the permit was issued, every decision was made, every price quoted and documented, and trades were lined up and scheduled. 

  4. Construct 7 months

    With an experienced project manager at the helm, and with a focus on quality and efficiency, our Kenorah team and trade partners execute the plan.

    With the design phase completed, trades scheduled, decisions made and permit in hand, the contruction phase was straight forward. The 100% Fixed-Price, Fixed-Schedule contract was signed, and work commenced! The Project Manager kept Mike and Heidi informed through the online project management portal on a regular basis, and they were invited to the site for weekly visits. These weekly updates allowed any questions to be addressed, or proposed client changes to be discussed and reviewed.  
    Construction was done on time, and for the price agreed upon. 

  5. Complete 1 week

    All our renovations come with a full 2-year warranty. 

    Moving day was scheduled months in advance, and on the day they moved in, the home was ready, and had been professionally cleaned, as agreed in the contract. 

    Any deficiencies were addressed in a timely manner after moving in, and our team remains available to provide training/guidance on any mechanical systems. 

  6. “In the end, Kenorah delivered the home we had hoped for, and were promised. ”The staff were great to work with, and we would highly recommend them.
    Mike + Heidi