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Carpentry Apprentice

Theodore Rosengren

Theo told himself he wouldn’t get any more cookies until he wrote his bio.  Luckily for him, he’s already had 9.

Theo is originally from Chicago, the youngest child of two architects.  He is often told others are not surprised to discover he is a youngest child, although he’s not quite sure exactly what to make of that.  Given his pedigree you might say he has construction in his blood.  Unfortunately, it is not yet in his brain, as this is a new career for him.  Although he is studying very hard to finish his Red Seal and become a flesh and blood carpenter.  Theo is taking the unusual career path of becoming a carpenter just in time for his body to be too sore to make things himself. 

Theo moved to Vancouver in 2009 for the evergreens, mountains, wilderness and snow.  He didn’t know at the time how expensive it would be.  While in school he met his wife, herself a passionate Canadian, so now he will be staying in Vancouver for the foreseeable future.  He also didn’t know there wasn’t actually that much snow in this part of Canada, although, as a carpenter, he admits, it’s probably for the best.

Theo is a devotee to the Chicago Cubs and Indiana college basketball.  He loves spending his time imagining that when his kids are older he will get to do something both that he thinks is fun and takes time: like snowboarding, sailing, or backpacking.  He also loves hamburgers.  He has been hunting four times and shot his rifle once, at a tree, because he didn’t get to shoot it at all the other three times he went hunting.