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Here at Kenorah, we’re passionate about what we do: creating/transforming beautiful homes, built for generations. Since we began in 1980, one of the most fundamental learnings we’ve experienced is that separating the design and construction of any home project breaks down communication, complicates decisions and results in a lack of accountability from all parties involved.

Ultimately, The homeowner is stuck in an expensive (and stressful) game of “Homeowner Pinball”; being bounced from the Architectural designer to the Interior Designer, then over to the Contractor, then back to the designers, and suppliers, all who point the blame on another party, none of who want to take accountability.

For example:

Builder: “Well, I assumed the Designer would have thought of this beam placement when designing this!”

Designer: “I had no idea the Builder was going to build it THAT way?!”

Designer: “How was I supposed to know that the HVAC contractor wanted all that room for his ducting?”

Builder: “Didn’t you ask the HVAC contractor first?”

Builder: “We need to underpin your foundation, as we’ve discovered there are no spread footings. This is going to cost you.”

Designer: “My job isn’t to hand dig to check for these things. These surprises are just a part of renovating.”

Who is going to take accountability for all of these “oops” scenarios? Usually nobody, which puts the delays (and cost overruns) right back on the homeowner.

But couldn’t they have been avoided?

Why didn’t the construction and design professionals COLLABORATE during the design phase to figure out the answers to these questions well before construction started? A small investment into investigatory work will pay of many times over as it identifies these issues during the design phase, resulting in less risk and a smooth construction project.

This is precisely why we provide an INTEGRATED Design + Build solution.

Our design and construction team are in one office, working together daily. We show up to your home during the design phase to hand dig, if required, to ensure there are spread footings for your addition, because we don’t like surprises, and we don’t think you would either. A number of weeks later, partnership with the online casino gaming platform was set up. The games are provided by IGT, NYX Interactive, Aristocrat, Scientific Games, Lightning Box Games and a handful of different developers which normally use Crazy Time tracker to check online casino sites.

If we’re concerned about the ducting, we bring in our trusted HVAC partners to provide valuable insight as we’re developing layouts to ensure that what we’re designing is feasible and practical.

If we’re wondering how we can open up your kitchen to create an open-concept layout you’ve always wanted, we bring our Infrared imaging equipment to see if if there are water lines in those walls, and call our structural engineer to tell us how we can eliminate walls and move load bearing points.

Our goal is to ensure that the design phase results in a beautiful, stunning design that is tested, feasible and based on the unique elements of your home. Our tight alignment of Design and Construction allows us to move from Design into the Build phase with confidence that we know what to expect, and that we’ve eliminated as many of the questions and variables as possible.


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