It’s time for our second installment in our Meet the Project Managers series. Meet Geoff, one of our wonderful PMs!

We visited Geoff at the finished home of one of our clients, who were beyond thrilled with their newly renovated home and Geoff’s contribution to their project: “The Project Manager, Geoff Thiesen, was so patient with our questions throughout the process and replied promptly to each one always making us feel comfortable to enquire at any time. He gave us weekly updates of progress made and the scheduled events for the upcoming week. This was so helpful to us in making the time pass without anxiety.”

We asked Geoff a few questions:

1. What does a typical work day look like for you?

My typical day includes complete communication between trades, suppliers, designers, clients, and carpenters as I review details on each site throughout the day. Along with site management and quality control…there’s always a need for good cup of coffee at mid-day! (side note: It’s not uncommon to see Geoff’s van at a Starbucks with him hard at work inside in between busy job site visits!)

2. What is your favorite part of a project?

My favourite part of each project is connecting with clients. I believe that knowing each other on a deep level and connecting together is important. It is the core of how our company operates and believe the client deserves to have a trusted relationship along the way. Knowing they have received good quality investment, enjoyed the journey, and trust that I care for them means a lot to me. I hope at the end of their Kenorah journey that they know and have experienced this.

3. Can you explain the process of communication between yourself, homeowner and the designers?

Communication is the key element to everything in our business. If we don’t properly communicate, document and relay information; nothing seems happen as planned! This involves constant communication via phone, text, email, messaging platforms, basecamp and of course the best way…in person!!

4. What is the funniest, or strangest thing you’ve found in a home you were renovating?

I have found old newspapers that were used as wall insulation dating from the mid-50’s or 60’s. Crazy!


Thanks for tuning in to this series and a special thanks to Geoff for sharing more about the work he does here at Kenorah. More to come!


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